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Nov 4, 2006
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Western North Carolina
I got some time last night after I picked up the stuff. Started on the rifle cleaning the bore. Scrubbed in with some Moose Milk and bronze brush then moved on to some Kroil after a number of patches less then a dozen I have a bright shinny bore. Looks as if the bore was coated with Some sort of bore butter after the last time it was shot. The crud around the nipple looked of the same color as the lining of the scabbard that I got with the gun. Absolutely no corrosion around the bolster and the nipple came right out with no struggles. Got a tooth brush and cleaned the dirt and dust out from the area where the barrel meets stock and the rubbed the complete gun down with Renaissance Wax. Hardly a scratch on the gun anywhere. It has been well cared for by it's previous owner. I'm in the process of fitting 3/8 inch Hickory ram rod as the original is 9mm and in not good shape. The range box has at 275 round balls 3/4 tin of Remington caps some pillow ticking really nice range rod brand new jag, ram rod tip, brush, muzzle protector three brand new nipples, and a variety of tools,. Pretty much everything a guy need to maintain and make it go bang including at least 3/4 pound of Pyrodex. I have a few days off this week and will get some pictures up. Next up is tearing the pistol down and getting the ball out of the barrel
Sounds like a good deal. Enjoy it.

Kansas Jake

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Mar 23, 2015
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Looks like a great deal for you and a fair deal for the family especially since they had no interest in the items.