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Smokeless Powder In Muzzleloaders

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Although this topic violates one of the Muzzleloading Forums rules, (the attached video shows In Line guns) the importance of the subject was deemed to be enough justification for posting it.

Please do not "report" this topic as it is being presented with the agreement of Claude, the owner of the forum.

If you choose not to watch the video we understand.

For those interested, please watch the video to learn why loading any kind of Smokeless Powder, for any reason into a muzzleloading rifle is a very poor idea.

Loading smokeless powder into your muzzleloader can not only destroy your gun but it can kill or maim you.

We wish to thank CVA for their presentation.

Towards the end of the video it says you should not use 3Fg or 4F powder in a muzzleloading rifle.

When speaking of elongated projectiles (bullets) I am in agreement with this.

If you are shooting patched roundballs in your rifle, 3Fg powder is safe to shoot but because it burns faster than 2Fg powder you should reduce any load given for 2Fg powder by 10 percent.
This will give a patched roundball a velocity similar to the 2Fg powder load.
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