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WITHDRAWN Small percussion rifle with Evans Repeater barrel

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Jun 2, 2022
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Elam's Prairie, AR
Small percussion rifle built using an Evans repeating rifle barrel. No idea of when it was built or by whom. I believe the lock to be a Golcher, but the lock plate has been polished flat. I was told the stock was pecan. Bore is clean with lots of shine. According to the barrel markings, I believe this is a “transition model” musket barrel. 1 of 150 made? It retains its original military sights. The elevation crossbar is loose on the ladder.

Holds at half cock, full cock, and triggers nicely, but, can be triggered at 1/2 cock and trigger is very light at full cock.

1:20 something twist.
.424” bore.
28” BBL
44 1/8” OAL
13 7/8” LOP
3” drop at heel
5lbs 4oz

I shot this rifle approximately 30 times and never had a malfunction. $350 TYD

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Hey Dusty, what size ball was used when you shot this?
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