Shredded Patches – Suggestions on what to do?

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Bebop Cowboy

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Oct 25, 2022
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Problem Resolved!
Thanks to everyone who has offered suggestions on possibly how to solve my shredded/burned up patches issue. I am pretty sure I have solved the puzzle, thanks to some comments from people on this forum that started me in the right direction and a couple of YouTubers. The main issue is the way I was making my BP. I have been using a Harbor Freight rock tumbler/ball mill to mill the powder and the tumbling jars are made of rubber. When milling the powder some of the rubber from the jars gets worn off and integrates with the BP. Apparently, the added rubber from the tumbling jars causes a higher burning temperature or some other phenomena, thereby burning and shredding the patches. The added rubber also causes excess fouling.

I have lined my tumbling jars so that nothing is wearing off into the powder during the milling process and the BP I am making now works very good with probably less fouling than my GOEX and the recovered patches look as they should. In fact, many of the patches look like they could be used again.

One lesson I learned is that I was not very careful in recovering patches when shooting GOEX and my home-made BP, so I thought I was getting the same shredded/burned patches shooting GOEX and my home-made BP. When in fact that was not the case. When I was using GOEX the patches looked good as they should and when I was using the home-made BP they were shredded and burned. If I had been more careful in recovering my patches, I likely could have solved the problem much quicker. Lesson learned!
It did sound like your BP was on Nitro!!! Good to hear that your problem was resolved. Happy shooting***