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May 26, 2011
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Arkansas Ozarks
Many here know that I long have been a proponent of "do it yerself" and "do yer own thang".
Lately I have seen some posts from new shooters who want and/or need shot or powder pouches, sometimes called snakes. These can be purchased commercially but are a bit expensive.
Years back I was in the same position. I wanted shot pouches that look good in a ronny camp but I didn't have the extra cash to purchase some. So I made my own. I'm not a skilled craftsman by any stretch but I'll cobble together stuff when I need it.
These pouches are examples of that. Using scrap leather (readily available by cutting up old jackets, furniture, boots, etc. from resale shops) I stitched these together. One was stitched with leather lace, the other with artificial sinew.
Originally the necks were just a hunk of heavy leather, like from a belt, formed around a dowel or whittled stick then fastened with artificial sinew. The stopper was simply a hunk of whittled stick from a tree branch. Later I added the commercial neck and stoppers.
I'm not bragging about these but simply want to show beginners that you usually do not need to wait to spend big bucks on accessories. An evening on the kitchen table can produce something you can take pride in having done yourself and at little to no cost.



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Nov 17, 2014
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Rifleman1776, Great explanation of what can be done with some imagination and a little repurposing. Functionality and cost effectiveness trump costly handsome equipment every time in my mind. Many years ago I made my own shot pouch out of a leather bag. I had a shot dispenser from an old shot pouch that was in pieces. My avatar has my shotgun and shot pouch in it. Funny thing is now that I can afford the commercial products, I still prefer to make them. Thanks for sharing.

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