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FOR SALE Short Land Brown Bess 23rd Fusiliers

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Aug 22, 2021
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I took this gun in on trade a few years ago and have done nothing with it. The story that came with the musket is that that Tower of London commissioned 500 of them. This is number 221. I don't know what company built them but it is quality work. I don't think it's ever been fired. The 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers fought during the Revolution from Concord, Lexington to the British surrender at Yorktown. There is a scratch about 2 inches long on the fore stock. Barrel is 42 inches long, lock works perfectly. $1700.00 local pickup only I am in Western Pennsylvania


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May 27, 2022
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New Mexico/Colorado
Here's what I could find online about your Bess (cut and paste comments from another owner of same type Bess[#247]): 'It's a Pedersoli make, though there are no Italian proofs/maker marks anywhere. I contacted Pedersoli and they said the serial number is for a Navy Arms import from 1974. It has the markings for the Royal Welch Fusiliers which confirms it was one of 811 (?) produced around the bicentennial of the Revolution in recognition of the 23rd Regt of Foot. These 1st edition rifles had the name of the purchaser stamped on the top of the butt plate and came with documents about the 23rd Foot and the rifle. The name has been almost entirely removed from this one, with only 'Jr.' being faintly visible. Pedersoli made the lock & lock screws, barrel, trigger, ramrod button and sling swivels. The stock was bought as a rough routed part in North Carolina and the castings were made in Pennsylvania. All of the wood and brass was finished and assembled in NJ. The stock was finish sanded, then dipped in an oil stain. It was finished on a polishing wheel. All inletting was done in NJ. This was the first of the Brown Bess' to use a "Grice" lock. The earlier locks were marked "Stowe". Navy Arms set up to produce the Brown Bess in the US. They were made here for about 10 years. Most were full length walnut stocked. There was a shorter carbine version and some were made with cherry or maple stocks. There were supposed to be 811 of the Fusilier versions made, but IIRC, the run stopped before they were all produced'. Hope this may help.