FOR SALE Short ball starters with ramrod ends.

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Two Feathers

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Apr 14, 2008
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Berwick, Pa. Columbia county
Ball starters

Howdy folks: Two Feathers here again. I sold out of my original ball starters, but they sold so fast that I made more, plus a few with the popular Brass threaded ramrod end. These are a bit more expensive. These are slightly different and have the concaved 10-32 threaded Brass ramrod end.. The ramrod end is on a 3/8” Birch dowel. These are $20.00 each + $6.00 s&h. The USPS rates took a HUGE jump at the beginning of the year…sorry!

These ball starters have Mule Deer antler handles( palm savers) and the whole shaft length (including brass tip) measures approx. 4” These will work well for .40 up through .58 cal. except for Number 3, that one has the original 7/16” Oak shaft and will work for .45 up through .58 cal. These are hand made by me. So far, I have had no complaints. Folks really like them. They are stained with my custom blend of dyes and each one has my Two Feathers signature burned into the shaft. The brass ramrod ends are threaded 10-32 to accept your 10-32 ramrod accessories. These have been pinned on for added security with a 1/16” solid Brass pin. The pin is peened over and polished flush with the brass.

If you are interested, please email me at OR PM me here. Just let me know which one (number) you’re interested in so I can be certain that you get the one you want.

I prefer PayPal, but will accept postal money orders. I ship same day as money is received, exceptions are Sundays and Federal Holidays. Contact me with orders, comments, or questions. As always, Thanks for looking.

God bless:

Two Feathers


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