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Mar 7, 2007
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When out on a ramble, there are a few items that I feel are prudent to carry in a shot pouch but that are only needed once in a while, if at all. Most of the time I only need round ball, powder, and patches. Nonetheless, at least in my pouch, everything else I am carrying ends up in a jumble in the bottom of the bag or at the bottom of the extra interior pocket. This inevitably leads to a lot of fumbling for whatever I need next. So, I made this leather wallet to hold all those "I might need" items. Easy to get to if I need a worm or a jag or a sewing kit, but not in my way when I am just fishing for patches and shot. The wallet holds, from left to right, a sewing kit in a brass tube, a "Gunner's Mate" shooting tool of my design (sort of a "Swiss Army Knife" for muzzle loading shooters), a vent pick / awl with a brass scabbard, a very small oil bottle, a pan brush, and some spare jags for other calibers. There are small pockets for 4 spare flints. The wallet is also very convenient if I do not take a pouch along for a short walk and just slip this into a coat pocket along with a loading block and a very small day horn.

I don't do much leather work and I didn't want this wallet to fall apart too soon, so I made it out of kangaroo leather which is several times stronger than either cow or goat hide. It is a beautiful supple leather to work and it is often used for high quality bull whips due to its very high strength.


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