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Feb 17, 2019
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Kentucky USA
ATTENTION BP shooters in the Augusta Ga area...

I maybe traveling to the Augusta, Georgia area during the weekend of July 8-10, 2022. My girls will be involved with a project that I really have no interest in attending. Rather than sitting around all day long with little to do, are there any BP shooters on this website that would be willing to get together with a few of their buddies and me for an afternoon of shooting in the Augusta area? I'll have the vehicle, so, I can travel 25-40 miles outside of town. We can met up at a range or someone's lower 40 behind the barn some where. I would LOVE to bring my cameras and put together some type of a fun video.

I would enjoy an afternoon where we can try out each other's guns & fellowship. We don't have to put on a fish fry as in the video below. I can provide some snacks, ice tea, etc. for everyone to enjoy. I'll bring 4-5 different BP guns ( pistols - smoothbores, etc ) along with some Schuetzen & Swiss powders for anyone to try that wants too. I'll even show new shooters how to have fun with these guns & turn them loose with one to use for the afternoon. I'll even bring the ol' BigFoot target and paint him up well for everyone to shoot like they did in the video below! LOL

I really enjoy putting together these type events and show the fun on the BPMS Youtube channel. Mrs BPMS & I organized one in the Ozarks just few weeks ago & everyone that showed up had a good time. I'm ready to try this same concept in Georgia if there is any interest. Below is the video of that fun day.

How about it shooters...anyone interested in getting together for an afternoon of fun shooting in the Augusta Ga area on July 9th from 10-11am to about 5pm?


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