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Shooter's Bench

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Bill Bryan

40 Cal.
Aug 2, 2003
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Valdosta Georgia
My muzzle loading club has recently agreed to allow shooter's over 70 years old to shoot from a bench or support. I'd like to make a shooter bench that easily folds for transport. This picture is one I saw at our range last month. Does anyone have any other pictures or plans that will help me build one? Bill


  • ShootingBench.jpg
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I like that. Is that a 2x6 tapered with a 3/4 dowel rod. Is the rod enough to keep it from shaking if fit is tight.
I have seen some made with a folding saw horse when I looked into building one for myself. I just Googled (Diy folding shooters bench) and clicked on the images.
I like that. Is that a 2x6 tapered with a 3/4 dowel rod. Is the rod enough to keep it from shaking if fit is tight.
Sorry it took so long to find the pictures and I had to go out and take measurements been so long since I made it.
The vertical sides are 2X6 tapered 21inches long with 1" holes bored with Fostner bits. The cross bar a piece of 2X2 22 1\2 inches long with the ends turned on the wood lathe to a slight taper 1 inch for a snug fit. The pins are tapered quarter inch dowel rod. The carpet pad and scrap piece of carpet stapled to the 2X2. The forearm rest is just some scrap wood that clamps to the work mate. It's very stable and the height is adjustable Hope these help.
gun rest 002.jpg

gun rest 001.jpg
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Love it. Many thanks for taking the time to post this.
I will be making one in the near future. Very simple and looks like I can use it standing also.
Don't have the lathe but not an issue.
I imagine a 1 inch dowel could be used for the cross piece by drilling another hole and use another 1/4 inch dowel inboard as a stop for the vertical boards. Or box in the 1 inch dowel with glued strips of wood, to make up some space to staple the carpet & pad to which would do the same thing. Main thing there needs to be a back stop for the vertical boards.

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