FOR SALE Sheet brass 0.050” thick, 5” x 8”

Discussion in 'Shooting Accessories Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by rich pierce, Jul 11, 2019.

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    rich pierce

    rich pierce

    rich pierce

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    I checked with Zonie on this as it’s a bit unusual (multiple items).

    For sale: Yellow sheet brass good for toeplates, sturdy patchboxes, inlays, engraving practice, or other fun projects.

    0.050” thick, plastic film protected on one side, cut into 5” x 8” sheets. $8 per sheet plus postage. Best deal is 4 sheets for $40 shipped.

    As you consider postage: A small flat rate box is $7.90 postage, used for 3 sheets or more. 1 sheet costs about $3 as I recall.

    Send me a PM. I ship with an invoice and accept cash, check, or money order after you receive the goods. No PayPal yet.

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