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Feb 27, 2020
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Getting back to the original theme of serial number to date correlation, I see two items of interest in the above comments.

1. Establishing the date starting the “Black Powder Only” stamp would be a big help. I would guess that the order to stamp it came from their legal eagles or a government mandate. Either way it would be all BP guns at once, regardless of model.

2. There is enough anecdotal evidence that the card suit stamps are Sharon barrels to make that probable but not conclusive. If true, they would have to be no earlier than 1976 when Sharon opened and since Sharon closed in 1978, stocks of Sharon barrels would have been depleted before 1980 or so. If not for the comments above I would have taken them to be proof marks.

Not discussed are the model designations. I once had a Renegade clearly stamped Renegade on the barrel. I now have two Hawkens, one Pariot and one Seneca with no model designation stamped on the barrel. When did they start model markings? The Patriot was purchased new in 1981 +/- 1. All three rifles were purchased within the last eight years from different sources in different places and different years, none from the original owner, so no clues there. All four have a spade stamped on the barrel bottom.

Hawken .50 - #95xxx

Hawken .45 - #84xxx.

Seneca .45 - #11xxx.

Patriot .45 - #24xxx

It looks like the Patriot and Seneca were numbered in a different grouping. They did have a different assembly line.


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Oct 22, 2019
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Maybe as with Rugers, it is not so much the year but the generation. I have several TC and for me it is enough to say: Prewarning & without model name stamping or Post. Pre or post.

I do have serial number and dates in my personal logbook for 5 TC muzzle loaders purchased new from 80's & 90's. If I see a sticky with a spread sheet that is updated with precise information like mine. I will contribute.

Someone said, old time TC employees&owners are dead now. NOT TRUE, I was buying guns back in the 1960's and reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

My Seneca 45 is 59xxx and says 'SENECA'. I did not buy that one new, dont know the age. It might be more informative on the lower production models to only xx, two digits.That is assuming we actually know the date sold. My seneca info is IMHO, no value at all.
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Aug 4, 2013
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TC .50 cal. Hawken flintlock, serial number 5537. Bought brand new the year before Pa. started a flintlock season. I believe the season was 1976, not real sure on that but back then we had to hunt only on designated state game lands. I've killed more deer with it than any other rifle I own combined since I began hunting in 1965 and believe me, that's a lot of deer.


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Jan 9, 2013
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Can someone tell me about the TC recalls. I just purchased a never fired .45 TC Hawken and was curious since I have others mention the numerous recalls. Was there ever a recall for the TC .45 Hawken rifles? My SN# starts with 297xxx and was wondering if it was involved in any recalls?
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