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SOLD Scottish Murdoch Pistol

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Nov 11, 2011
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Surry County, North Carolina
I am offering this Scottish Murdoch pistol for sale, asking $325 includes shipping.
I purchased it 30+ years ago from Dixie Gun Works and have fired it a bunch of times.
Smoothbore 50 cal.
The lock sparks really well.
Of note: the lock just started catching at half-cock when the trigger is pulled. It can be fixed with a little work on the tumbler but I don't have the time with so much going on now.
There is an engraved ID number on the bottom of the frame. (I had been taking this with me to Revolutionary War Reenactments in New Jersey from Philly and it was suggested that this would be a very good thing to do.)
All-in-all, it's pretty cool gun. I just have a few too many now.
Check or Money Order (preferred)


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