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Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & Support' started by Angie, Jul 7, 2019.

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    This is going to be a statement and not a discussion.

    The rules came with the forum and except for making the Classifieds more accessible they have not been changed.

    There is a really good reason not to have the religious in signature, etc. If we allow one, we have to allow all. Those that have something religious in their signature,I ask you to change it to a non-religious statement.

    Some of the signatures I actually believe in, but I have to be neutral and enforce and ask Zonie and Stumpkiller to enforce the rules that have always been in place. We are doing our best. And we try to talk with a rule breaker by private conversation, but when brought to the open we have to take care of that. In most cases that should be deleted as it's not for all the forum to be in on a member and "staff" conversation.

    I apologize for allowing that "forum members leaving" thread to stay up as it was not appropriate for this forum as it is nothing about how the forum runs, how the software works, etc.

    The non-religious is due to that getting in the way of talking Traditional Muzzleloading. That is what this forum is about. And if you are allowed your religious signature, then there are so many "religions" that could claim the same privilege. And I guarantee you would not like us allowing them.

    Claude was smart when it made that rule, most all members here have lived with it for years. So there is no reason to start breaking the rule now.

    Please just enjoy Traditional Muzzleloading and related topics.
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