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FOR SALE REDUCED Unique Side Hammer .50 Pistol

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40 Cal.
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Aug 25, 2007
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SALE Pending This is a very finely made and unique side hammer .50 pistol. Fit and finish is excellent. Inletting very fine. The barrel appears to have been turned to half round from a CVA Mountain Pistol barrel, based on location of serial number. The top of barrel over breech is stamped with the builder’s name G. KARVONEN (Gary E. Karvonen of St. Helens, OR). Stock is a nicely figured Maple, stained dark. Butt has a browned steel “Skull Cracker” cap. The lock is very interesting and even has the builder’s Patent Number engraved on the inside, along with his name. Search reveals that the patent was granted on September 4, 1984 for “Side Hammer Percussion Lock.” And described as:

A hammer assembly for a side hammer percussion lock is comprised of a hammer which is displaceable relative to the firearm from its normal operative position to a safety position where it cannot be brought into contact with a percussion cap placed on the firearm. In one embodiment of the invention the hammer is displaced by rotating it about an axis which is perpendicular to the axis about which the hammer is rotated between its cocked and firing positions. In another embodiment of the invention the hammer is displaced to its safety position by being slidably translated relative to the firearm. In the rotating embodiment, detents are provided for fixing the hammer against inadvertent movement from its desired position. In the sliding embodiment a lock is provided to prevent movement of the hammer from either its normal or safety position without first releasing the lock. A cam is provided in both embodiments to lift the hammer slightly off of the percussion cap when it is moved out of its normal position.

I believe the gun was never completed, as the lock internals need some final fitting and tuning. I just do not have the time or dexterity (building a house and arthritis). Sear needs to be sharpened up for secure lockup (slips a little now off the rounded edges). Should be easy fix with right tools, and patience. A great deal at $525 SHIPPED.
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