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FOR SALE REDUCED PRICE Philadelphia Deringer Set of 2 U.S. Historical Society

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Oct 17, 2006
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I listed these a few months ago and they didn't sell time to drop the price and try again.
I have for sale a unfired set of the U.S. Historical Society Deringers. These were made for the Society in the middle 1980's by Aldo Uberti and marketed for $3000 a set as instant collectables to the wealthy with more money than sense. As with all of the societies issues these were made to a very high standard of craftsmanship necessary to part even the unknowing from that much money.
The deringers are stocked in walnut and the inlays with the exception of the but trap are sterling silver. The lockplate and but trap, which houses a spare nipple, are color case hardened steel. The barrel is .41 cal and browned. All inlays are nicely ebgraved.
The deringers are housed in a book style case with accessories that include a scissor type bullet mold, ebony handled nipple wrench and screwdriver, a bullet starter/ramrod and a sterling silver powder flask. There is a hidden compartment for bullets under the mold.
These deringers are what were refered to in the time as peanut size and the only other maker of this type deringer currently is Pedersoli. The Pedersoli deringes are nice as are all Pedersoli firearms however as to quality this set of deringers would make you throw rocks at the Pedersolis.
I am asking $1200 plus shipping and insurance for this set which is less than the cost of two of the Pedersolis without accessories. Payment by USPS money order or personal check with time to clear.
REDUCED PRICE $1050 plus shipping.


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