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FOR SALE REDUCED Antique .45 Smooth Rifle w/Novel Flint - Percussion Conversion

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Aug 25, 2007
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REDUCED This is a really interesting Longrifle with a cool pedigree. Originally a flintlock .45 smooth rifle, it was later converted to percussion using a novel approach (see photos). The lock is stamped H. LECHLER. From the American LongRifles forum I gleaned this information:

Henry Lechler seems to have been trained in Lancaster, PA, but shows up in Carlisle and on Cumberland County tax roles 1797-1843. He was a well known rifle stocker. Lechler was also Superintendent of Springfield Armory from Sept 1813 to Jan 1815 for the princely sum of $82 per month.

The rifle is in overall very good antique condition, with some minor wood loss and repairs. Metal is generally smooth with some areas of old pitting. The bore seems very shootable, with light pitting throughout. Light, powdery rust comes out, leaving a clean surface. I could only scrub down about 3' with rod I have for that purpose. The barrel is 42" long. The flint to percussion conversion us the kicker. It is stamped what I think is W. PANNEPACKER near breech under stock. William Pannepacker (Pennypacker) Sr. and Jr. were barrel makers in Mohnton, Pennsylvania, on Wyomissing Creek. Rather then a traditional percussion hammer with drum/nipple, this one used the existing flint hammer with clever engraved striker held in jaws. Usually this type of conversion is a crude affair. I believe this rifle could be converted back to flint with a lock parts kit. The Maple stock is in generally good condition, with a repair between lock and tang and repaired crack at toe. Brass fitted. I have located both Lechler and Pannepacker rifles that have sold at auction, but in better condition, so someone may be getting a great deal here. $950 + Shipping.
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