FOR SALE Redfield Sight with Utenrl Scope Base Mount

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Nov 12, 2017
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This is a takeoff from a Mowrey I picked up from a member here.
I decided to take the rifle back to basics and put traditional sights back on it.
The click sight is by REDFIELD, don't see any model number.
The base it is attached to is a Utenrl combo for a scope mount on top, it is for an octagonal barrel (.825?)
It's oily and needs to be cleaned, there is NO rust.
I did not clean it fearing it might cause a reduction in its worth.
I found several bases similar to this in the 70-90 dollar range.
The sight is an obsolete Redfield similiar to the current 75 series hunter (125 dollar range)
Will sell the pair together for $127.80 shipped priority small box.
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