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Oct 28, 2022
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Coyle, OK
In the past had trouble with Lee Minnie .533 (410 gr.) not grouping well in my Traditions Whitetail .54 1:48. Had hoped to be able to cast an equivalent bullet to Hornady Great Plains (425 gr.) which seemed to shoot very well. "Groups" were three-minutes of dinner plate at 50 yards, so at that stage of my interest in muzzle loading and hunting I reverted to patched ball (which group very well for me) with 70 gr. Pyrodex.

After reading discussions here I've started using a 20 ga. 1/8" felt over-powder wad, 70 gr. Pyrodex, and "patching" the Minnie with coffee filter paper to tighten the fit at loading.

The difference is astounding. Past week's groups at 40 yards (what my current situation allows for such things) are roughly 3" with absolutely wonderfully "very-round" holes. The bullets seem to be well stabilized and the combination shoots as well or better than I do.

Thanks for a ton of information on this site.

Happy Thanksgiving Week to all.

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