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Preference poll: smoothbore or rifled?

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Do your prefer a smooth bore or a rifled bore?

  • Smoothbore

    Votes: 8 21.6%
  • Rifled bore

    Votes: 16 43.2%
  • Makes no difference

    Votes: 13 35.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
May 24, 2023
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When it comes to black powder muzzleoading firearms, whether longarm or pistol, flintlock or percussion, do you prefer a rifled bore or a smoothbore? Feel free to explain why.
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I do prefer a flintlock smoothbore trade gun for many reason ...their history, their versatility , their balance and weight ...just love em . I do prefer the smoothbore BUT ! Get one smoothbore and one rifle and MAN ! You got everything type of critter at all ranges covered !! LOL ! :)
do you prefer a rifled bore or a smoothbore?
Comes down to the end game that is being played. I have both. Use both. How well will a smoothbore with no rear sight work at a 500+ yard target match? How does a rifled bore work on passing waterfowl or at skeet? If goal is to blow a hole sky, guess either would work. Now if intention is to hit a specific target…..
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Not much smoothbore experience. Almost none. But not hard to say rifle. No special reason. It's been perfectly satisfactory so far.
I’m definitely a smooth bore fan for a lot of reasons. I suppose my favorite smooth bores are a Fusil de Chasse and English Fowler.
Have never really been interested in a smooth bore. Have always been interested in match shooting just never really felt like I would shoot a smooth bore much.
Well I own one ML smoothie and everything else is a rifle. Turkeys smoothie while I would shot a prb in it for deer, I'd rather use the rifles since I have many available. Squirrels I am not starving for food so 32-40 cal. Deer 45-54 (62cal if I decide too). My logic is I am far more accurate over all with rifled barrels than the smoothie. The game deserves the respect of using the most accurate method I have to harvest them. Now many places I have I have no doubt I could take a deer or bear with the smoothie under 50 yards. I go with rifle but smoothie is much lighter.
A curiosity maybe, but if I have been keeping up on my smooth bore shooting, I usually average two more hits than my rifle score, shooting the same woods walk targets with the fowler.
I voted Smooth bore and I don't even have one, YET! But my eyes are not great with open sights, so shooting much past 50 yards doesn't happen very often. And, I am a hunter, I can get within 50 yards of deer in my area no problem. If I couldn't I would quit hunting. So shooting a deer with a smooth bore range wise won't be an issue for me, I'm always going to have rifles as well.
All my guns are rifled, but I intend to get a smoothbore very soon. My old 2 - band .58 Parker Hale Enfield in fact, which currently resides at my friend's house in England and has done for 30 years, ever since I quit re-enacting with the (UK) American Civil War Society. It was de-rifled (if that's the word) before it came into my posession. The hold up now is finding a way to get it to France without going through the belly-ache of getting a British gun permit.

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