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    I am writing this to help people wanting to post pictures in their posts or classified ad's.

    You can load up to 10 pictures but the total file size of them all can not exceed 4096 KB.

    There are several ways to post pictures. The old way on the forum still works and this is how you would do it.

    1. Join and upload your picture on a Photo Hosting web site like Flickr, Google Photo, Imgur...
    After your picture is on their site find out how to share the picture. It's different on different sites. Find the method that uses a BBCode and copy that address by using your "COPY" function.

    Come back to the post on the MLF and "PASTE" the pictures address into your post.

    2. An easier way to post your picture is, look down below the typing area in your new post.
    Poke the blue button that says, "Upload a File".
    This will bring up a small window which shows the things stored in your computer or on your smart phone. If it doesn't, navigate around in the computer files until you find the picture.
    Select it and then poke the "OPEN" button. That should upload your picture to the MLF.
    Choose whether you want a "Thumbnail" of the picture or, "Full Size". Select the option you want right after loading your picture.
    If you choose Thumbnail, a small picture showing your photo will appear and people can click on it while they read your post to open a full size image.

    3. An even easier method for posting a picture is to open a picture in your computer or smart phone and then "COPY" it.
    Come back to your post in the MLF and "PASTE" it into your post in the place you want it to appear. Again, the forums computer will give you the option of showing a Thumbnail or Full Size. Select this option right after loading your picture.

    Here are a couple of links about posting pictures on the forum. Reading them might answer questions I didn't cover or explain it better than I did here.
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