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Possable small Camp & Shoot in N.E.Missouri

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Apr 24, 2022
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French Louisiana the Mississippi Valley
I am pondering haveing a 10 - 12 like minded individuals over
for a get togeather, camp an shoot in the Spring of 2023. I am in N.E. Missouri just West of Hannibal, Mo. This would be a invite only event to keep the size small. I will have meat for food. Everyone is encouraged to bring some food for the Saturday night Supper. We will have a shoot . I will donate a powder horn, hunting bag and perhaps a knife for prizes. I know there is alot of you who are in my area. Perhaps we can get togeather for this. Like I said above this is invite only. I would like this to be a learning experience for everyone. Pre 1840 clothing etc . Recommended. Again this is a possability. Anyone interested? Drop me a line.

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