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Poll: What do you use your muzzleloader for?

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What do you primarily use your muzzleloader for?

  • Hunting

    Votes: 17 8.9%
  • Target Shooting

    Votes: 46 24.0%
  • Both

    Votes: 129 67.2%

  • Total voters


45 Cal.
Sep 13, 2020
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There's a great deal of truth in that.

Deer meat is several hundred dollars a pound after all the guns and the gear and the land lease to hunt on.

If it weren't for private property, I'd never hunt.

Too many mouth breathers roaming public lands.
I am always surprised to hear that. Land here in Upstate NY that used to be “crowded” is now empty. I have ten acres in the middle of 8000 acres of public, and I hunt the public without seeing anyone all season.


40 Cal
Feb 11, 2021
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I use it to accompany me when visiting relatives at their deer camp. I let them shoot it at night and we film it.
I mainly perforate paper, vainly attempting to group the perforations together in the location of my choosing. On the rare occasion I achieve this, I brag profusely to everyone. I also fiddle with loads, sights etc. in the endeavor to manipulate the aforementioned perforations…as a source of frustration.
I also shoot the occasional deer.


32 Cal
Dec 25, 2021
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I use my rifle for hunting , shotgun for clays and hunting, cap and ball pistols for target, hunting and side arm in the woods.
Jan 21, 2021
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These days I enjoy the shop time when building, looking at them on the wall which I do often, and occasionally even taking them for a run on the range on the back of the property. All my pals, who've watched them get built and seen them fired think they and I are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Not one of them would go near a traditional m/l for their own use. I think they just enjoy watching me suffer.