Plastic Wads & Steel Shot

Discussion in 'Smoothbore' started by Zonie, Apr 29, 2015.

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    A question came up recently about the forum rules.

    Because plastic wads and steel shot are not traditional items used during and prior to the Civil War they technically have fallen outside the limits of forum discussion.

    Claude and the moderators have discussed this and the fact that non-lead shot is required by Federal law to hunt ducks and geese in all States and several other bird species in several individual States.

    It is widely accepted that shooting steel (non-lead) shot thru a smoothbore can damage the barrel and one of the more easily accessible methods of protecting the bore from the hard shot is to use a plastic sleeve or plastic wad.

    To solve the issue, rule #9 has been changed to permit discussions about using these non-traditional items in smoothbore guns.

    Although some of the legal types of modern, non-lead shot available on the commercial market would seem to be excluded by using the word "steel" in the revised rule #9, it is not the intention of the forum to exclude the other non-lead shot from the revised rule.
    These other commercial non-lead types of shot may be discussed.
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