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Planning for my Kibler SMR...

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40 Cal
Sep 13, 2020
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I learned a lot from building my Kibler Colonial last year, especially patience...I still havea few rough spots on the stock that I should have found and taken care of, and my patch box isnt quite to my liking.
That aside...
I am eagerly looking forward to getting a Kibler SMR, .45 with a cherry stock. I love the look obtained when oven cleaner is applied. Once wiped off, does it need to be neutralized?
I am unsure of the metal finish yet, but am leaning to Kiblers browning solution...it was originally going to be used on my Colonial, but I opted for in the white. I was practicing using the solution on an old CVA pistol, but havent been happy with the results yet...luckily, no harm, no foul so I will keep practicing.
Does the cherry come in different grades also? With maple, it is easy to see the difference with the upgraded wood, I am not sure if there is a similar difference with cherry.

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