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Jun 17, 2019
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I had not gotten on ebay for several months and out of curiosity I always search for mussleloading stuff in general. When I searched using the word 'Pietta', I was shocked to see several hundred parts for 1851 and 1860 revolvers that are new production. What was unusual were brass and steel 1851 and 1860 frames being sold (called a 'cylinder mount' in the description) dated 2021 or 2022 production. In fact, every part that makes up a Pietta 1851 or 1860 can be bought on ebay. Apparently, a couple guys that are located in Pennsylvania and Utah are purchasing new Pietta revolvers and parting them out and charging exorbitant prices for parts. Out of curiosity, I totaled up all the parts that would make up a Pietta 1860 from several of the ebay listings and it came to around $712.00. Yikes! :oops: Taylor's & Company currently lists the same revolver in stock for $384.04. Checking a few individual parts, some can be as 35% higher than what Taylor's & Company or EMF Company would sell as a replacement part. Unless you are really, really in need of a specific Pietta revolver part you can't find elsewhere, ebay will have the part but you'll pay dearly for it.
This is really interesting! Plus you really did your homework! Thanks for the heads up!


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Nov 1, 2018
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I've seen people do that with all sorts of stuff on Ebay. Virtually anything is worth more parted out than it is whole. Some parts are easier to find that way.