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Pietta 44 Sheriff

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I have the Pietta US Marshall 44 caliber which is basically the same as the Sheriff but with a polished engraved steel surface finish. I'm a 44 fan vs the 36 caliber and have always preferred the longer barreled cap and ball revolvers but I will say that the 4 3/4" barreled US Marshall is very accurate. Use a .454" Lee cast lead ball, lubed felt wad, use a 25-30 grain charge of Goex FFF, and #10 Rem cap. Not much difference in the 25-27-30 grain charges, use 27 the most. Yardage ranges from 20/25 yards to 10/15. The closer range is mostly point shooting. Accurate results from all. The longer range necessitates a 6 o'clock hold for sight shooting. Some paper but a good array of large bean and juice cans, gallon size paint style cans, and water filled milk jugs---hits on all most of the time, near misses once in awhile. The Pietta US Marshall is well made and finished, timing is perfect as well as arbor fit. It's a keeper in my stable of cap guns but my Uberti 2nd Model Dragoon will always be the top shooter for me.