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Perseid Meteor Shower

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Loyalist Dave

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Nov 22, 2011
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People's Republic of Maryland
So the past three nights the Perseid Meteor Shower which was found to be bits of a comet in 1865 ☄️was supposed to be very good, along with a super moon.

I wanted to see this as this sort of thing was something that would've been seen by folks during the BP era, and even before...

In fact since the meteor shower tends to peak in August around the 10th, early Christians said that the "burning embers in the night sky" which we today call "falling stars" or "shooting stars" 🌠 commemorate the martyrdom of St. Lawrence of Rome, who was burned 🔥 by Emperor Valerian August 10th, 258 A.D, hence the sparks or embers in the night sky. 😯

But OF COURSE we have had overcast skies 🌩️ the past three nights....😕

In fact you Fur Trade Era folks, the trappers in the Western mountains, such as the Rocky Mountains or the Sierra Nevada range... would've had quite the show every August, being that much higher in altitude. I've been told that when modern musician John Denver recorded Rocky Mountain High and sang, "I've seen it rain, and fire in the sky", he's singing about the Perseid shower.

Dec 26, 2020
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Arkansas, Boston Mountains
This happened about 10 minutes ago, I knew exactly who and what you were talking about concerning John Denver. We are on our way to our warehouse to prepare for next week, I looked over to a young employee and said, “Hey, did you see the meteor shower last night?, kid- yes, Me- did you know that John Denver sang about it? Kid - who?”😳 Man, I’m gett’n old. 🤣

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