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SOLD Pending funds: Large Roundball bag

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Two Feathers

62 Cal.
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Apr 14, 2008
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Berwick, Pa. Columbia county
Howdy folks, Two Feathers here: I have a new listing.

It’s a very nice water molded Leather Ball Bag. Price is $58.00 (that’s $52.00 and $6.00 S&H for this bag) to any of the 50 actual United States.

While I cannot claim to know exactly how many of what size balls it will hold; one customer told me that he easily got (50) .54 cal. RBs in his, and the plug still fit fine. So I feel safe saying that you CAN get (50) .54 cal. RB’s in it, and probably (40+) .58 cal.?

This bag is made of 5-6 oz. vegetable tanned leather. It’s dyed Chocolate Brown. It has 2 holes for attaching a thong or Rawhide boot lace (not included), for neck carry. It has a hand turned Maple wood plug with a turned Maple Acorn finial. The plug is attached to the bag with a soft Buckskin thong to aid in loss prevention. This bag has been treated with my special mix of oils and waxes for water resistance. The bag is signed by me. It has a neck/throat opening of .890” That’s easily large enough to accept any caliber RB you guys might want to carry in it?

These also make an excellent shot bag I’m told.

These measurements are as close as I can get with a ruler. The overall dimensions (without the plug) are Approx. 5.5” long (top to bottom) by 4.0” wide, Outside of the “ear” to outside of the “ear”. Just in case anyone needed those measurements?

Don’t wait around until the next Rondy or shoot to grab this. It’ll become a favorite accoutrements. No more fumbling with loose balls in your shooting bag. With this stiff; wax hardened ball bag, your round balls will always be easy to get to, and this isn’t one of those floppy suede or buckskin “draw string” marble bags that takes 4 hands to use. Just pull the plug, pour out a ball, stick the plug back in and let it hang, couldn’t be easier!

I take PayPal F&F, and postal and bank money orders or checks. Checks will add approximately 3 weeks. 1 week to arrive, 1 week to 10 days for clearance and an additional week for return shipping. MO’s will add 1 week for travel time. I only ship on Tues. and Fridays, however I DO ship on the closest Tues. or Friday after funds are received. The exceptions are Federal holidays, Sundays, PO hours, and severe weather.

If interested, please PM me here.

As always, thanks for looking.

God bless:

Two Feathers


  • Large bag newest 06-01-2023 001.JPG
    Large bag newest 06-01-2023 001.JPG
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    Large bag newest 06-01-2023 003.JPG
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