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Peep/globe sights for hunting

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50 Cal.
Jan 27, 2004
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I used Tritium archery sight pins.
I can't find them, so I will get some 1.5mm x 6mm vials, and make some new ones....someday!
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Jan 3, 2023
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Thank you everyone for your ideas. It sounds like a peep rear with a blade front might work well. Does anyone else have a favorite hunting sight set up? Does anyone use any tricks that are more historically correct like German silver/brass blades? I’m not stuck on being HC but am interested in what works for everyone.

Ya know, as we grow older and our vision deteriorates, sometimes a fella has to do what he has to do in order to keep hunting with a sidelock ML. I'd very much like to maintain period correct but not if it means I can no longer shoot accurately.

For this ole boy, its a peep and some sort of taller fiber optic front bead.

Good luck on your search.
Jan 30, 2023
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Trail Minnesota
Personally, I do not see how "most" globe front sights are good during hunting, especially in low light conditions.

My GPR is now wearing a Lyman 57 peep that I drilled out the aperture some. I still have the factory front bead but am looking to change that to something better. And here is the reason why. Last week I took it out squirrel hunting and could not, for the life of me, see the front bead to align it on a squirrel that was close up. And it was not due to the peep. I could see the squirrel just fine.

It is to my belief that unless someone has some sort of front bead that illuminates well (such as the one BS has posted) then any other front globe sight would be counter productive for many hunting applications, especially during lower light conditions, which is often the most critical time.
all of my hunting guns wear a front sight from Hi-Viz the green works best for extreme low light (almost as early/late as my Leopold scope on my inline) maybe not period for all you hard core buckskiners but it works especially for these almost 70 year old eyes


40 Cal
Aug 18, 2021
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My only peeps are on cartridge guns but I have no issue using them in various lighting conditions

Ghost rings work well too, better than buck horn or other open sights, but they do lose a bit of precision for me.

But tbh when shooting the front stuffer the relatively crude (compared to my scopes, dots, peeps, etc) sights are all part of it. Otherwise I may as well be shooting modern stuff - certainly would be cheaper, easier etc :)
Apr 4, 2010
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Recall if you will the old and new movies where the shooter licked his thumb and rubbed the front sight? It adds a bit of spit to the tip of the front sight and shines briefly for a “glow” if you will.

personally I love the old full buckhorns rear and rarely use the tiny notch in the bottom … rather I use the full buckhorn as a barrel mounted peep and center the blade in the full curl. Allows plenty of light around the blade which gives me an unobstructed view of my target. Also when added yardage is required I move the top of the blade to the slightly open top of the horns on the rear buckhorn sight for an instant yardage enhancement.