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Feb 8, 2021
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Hello to everyone, fairly new on here. I just ordered a Lyman/Pedersoli #6034004 50 caliber Great Plains kit. Appreciate any opinions good or bad, especially from anyone else who has bought and put this together. I'm new to this somewhat 72 years old and want to shoot some black powder. already made my powder, bought a couple of cap and ball revolvers and the little odd pistol from Dixie that test the strength of black powders. My own tested as good as the pyrodex, lol how accurate is that thing. My interest, grew up with close buddy Sammy Martin. He is the grandson of Hacker Martin old time rifle builder. Sammy had all components built by his Papaw except stock, needing money in 1967 sold all of it to my Dad for $25.00. Dad had Joe Durham another builder in my area put everything in a curly maple stock 1967, long story short passed on to me youngest and last of my family. Hacker's grandson was 14 when given these parts it's a 36 caliber a squirrel rifle I suppose. Only been fired twice by the builder, I plan on trying soon myself. But right now waiting on my Great Plains kit to arrive. Thanks for reading my long winded musings...


50 Cal.
Jan 31, 2020
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You bought a good gun. I just bought one too but not the kit. In my old age I moved into an apartment and don't have a shop anymore.

I've heard the kits are easy to build. Most of the inletting is done. Enjoy it.