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Pedersoli Jäger Rifle

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Dec 25, 2020
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Fort Chambly, Quebec
Hi there ! I just get a new old stock .54 caliber Pedersoli Jäger Rifle few weeks ago and was wondering if someone saw one like this before. It is engraved like the Target Model plus some figures on the stock and forearm. The barrel is 28" (1:65" twist) with a blade front sight like the Hunter Model (1:24" twist) instead of the Target Model that is 32" (1:65" twist). It also have a factory diopter tang sight like the one on the Target. The proof symbol on the barrel is BU so it was made in 2004.




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I have the hunter model. It's a good shooter and I really enjoy it. Little heavy but a pretty nice gun. You should have fun with that one.
This morning I wrote to Pedersoli about how and why my Jäger is like a hybrid between the Target and the Hunter. They already responded to my message within two hours! This rifle does not come from regular production but was rather assembled as a special order at the Custom Shop and exported to Canada in 2004 and I tell myself that it must have cost the original owner quite a lot! Pedersoli have quite good customer service.
Could you post some more pictures of the rear sight was looking for an adjustable rear sight for a underhammer I have, and it looks like something I would be interested in.

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