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Oct 7, 2021
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Redding, Ca.
I ordered this Pedersoli Kentucky Rifle flintlock kit along with a Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol flintlock kit, both in 45 cal. From Dixie back in April of last year. It only took about 10 days to receive both. Really happy with Dixie's service. My original plan was to order the components from Pecatonica River or TOW to build a rifle and pistol, however the wait time was to long (inventory shortages). I was able to gather all of the components from Pecatonica River, TOW and the Gun Works to build 2 flintlock pistols. Really happy with all 3 companies service. Well I finally have a little time to start chipping away or I should say sanding and rasping away on the rifle. Initial thoughts on the rifle is that it is a pretty nice kit. All of the inlets are well done with the exception of a couple of very minor gaps adjacent the side plate. The wood is pretty nice walnut. Brass isn't to rough and will just take some elbow grease to get cleaned up. Barrel, lock and hardware all look pretty good. Might replace rear sight. Will definitely replace the ramrod and not a big fan of the Roman Nose style stock. I will be reprofiling the stock a little bit to try and get a little cleaner look. Anyhow I"m overall pretty happy with the kit and recommend it for the first time builder or if you can't afford a more expensive kit. I will periodically give progress reports with photos in the future. Will report on pistol after I complete rifle. Sorry for the flipped photos. Don't know how to turn.


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Apr 3, 2020
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I may be too late for this older post . . . but I’d file and sand the groove away around the lock plates … take a look at an original or a good custom rifle like a Kibler or chambers and they won’t look like a round file was used around the lock and side plate … file the outer part flat into the stock away from the raised wood lock and side plate. That will be a great improvement on the looks of this fine rifle.