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WITHDRAWN Pair of 1851 Navies .36 cal

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Jan 9, 2020
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South East Pa
Two 1851 Navies, 1 brass framed FAGS mfg. (old) & 1 steel frame PIETTA mfg
includes 1 paper cartridge maker & 300+/- .380 round balls (for brass frame FAGS) Pietta uses .375 both guns have all new internal parts $ 335.00 + shipping for all. I would prefer local sale (Lancaster, Reading, Honey Brook Pa area, will travel within reason) will ship if I absolutely have to. Postal money order feel free to ask questions I will do my best

Brass frame FAGS cylinder pin has been pinned vertically on the threaded end and threads reinforced with j-b weld. A brass spacer at end of cylinder ( not attached permanently) and a set screw drilled and tapped for bad slot in cylinder pin wedge area. Cylinder has 1 safety pin. timing and lockup all good, and tight.
Barrel has pitting but shoots really well for its condition ( I have won a shoot or two with it).
The recoil shield has not been hammered, shooting around 12 grains black powder with a lubed wad under ball. I try not to abuse it, also new TOTW nipples CCI # 11 or Rem # 10 caps This gun was bought originally for parts but I worked on it and decided to make it a keeper and shoot it.

Steel framed Pietta was also bought for a fixer. It has a new 2018 barrel, no short barrel pin problem ,and all new internal parts. It also has 1 saftey pin on cylinder, someone was, I think, trying to install them but gave up, so I just left it. The gun has one problem, when hammer is put on the safety pin it will not cock with out ever so lightly rotating cylinder in its direction. I have not got around to fixing it, but I do not use it that way so I have been letting it go. Needs some work on the timing. It shoots as good as a new one. It will take full loads no problem. CCI # 10 caps


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