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FOR SALE ORIGINAL - Probable Ohio or Kentucky rifle - signed - inlays

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32 Cal
Oct 25, 2021
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For sale is this original, signed, curly maple long rifle. I originally thought this was a North Carolina piedmont rifle. After research and talking to several experts in NC and KY and OH rifles, I was convinced this rifle was likely made near the Ohio River, and probably on the KY side. The triggerguard and the high thin comb are indicators, but until the signature is matched with a maker, we'll not be sure.
If anyone has more information please PM me, we will discuss the veracity of your region suggestions, and I'll update my notes if I agree.

It has a 42 1/2" barrel, about a .36 caliber, and dots on the muzzle. About 3 1/2" drop. Extensive inlays including a heart, "Moravian" star on the cheekpiece, and others. Three screw long tang. Missing the front sight. This is a very presentable rifle. I can't tell if it was originally fullstock and flintlock, but I suspect it was.

Asking $1600 plus shipping. I'm a reliable seller with 100% eBay feedback rating going back over 20 years. Known on several gun forums and by other collectors. Will package securely to protect your investment, and ship promptly. In Arizona, will likely cost around $60 shipping, but will check when ready to buy. Thanks.









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