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original 1858 Remington

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Jun 7, 2022
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I have this revolver and am looking for advice/information and opinion of value of it. It operates correctly and locks up tight although I have not shot it. The cylinder is not original but all other parts seem to be, possibly the trigger is not as it is very shinny but I don't know how to compare it. It has a "P" stamped on it in different places. It looks like someone has wiped blueing on it at some point. Numbers under the grip match the barrel numbers. Is it acceptable to ask this here? I am considering attempting to sell it or prefer to trade it for a Woodsrunner Kibler kit although that may be a pipe dream, I really have no idea. Thanks in advance


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I’d rather have that revolver on hip than a Kibler in hand. And I really admire the Kibler rifles.
That’s a tough one. All original you might be in the ballpark value of a Kibler but with a replacement cylinder I think you’ll come up pretty short.
My take is get it assessed. I for sure am not an expert or even an amateur in that area but its possible it has value.

It looks to have had some use then put away. Original parts alone have major value for someone trying to restore one and that one looks to be close to if not better than many restored guns.
I held a really rough original at the Southern VT biathlon. the grip felt much fuller in my hand than my Pietta?