Original 18. Century Germanic Jäger Rifle

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Apr 23, 2020
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Kuna, Idaho
As I recall you have a forum in Germany that covers rifles like your Jaeger & it's likely someone in that forum might be able to date the Maker of your rifle.
A younger friend of mine & fellow ML shooter was stationed in Germany for a few years & found several clubs there that did Rendezvous shoots very similar to ones here. You might consider looking up a club in your area to hook up with, it's likely members will have the tools to measure your bore & provide you with the correct patch & ball combination for your rifle. A flaming patch usually indicates a loose fit.
I also collect & shoot original Jaegers but I lack the library on Austrian & other Nation's gunmakers to date them without help abroad.
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Jan 27, 2008
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Hello Friends,

For me was Christmas last Week!
I found in an Antique Store in Berlin Charlottenburg these beautyful German Jäger Rifle!! Ich was satisfied and buy it!!!
The Rifle is made by I. A. Hain from Thurnau near Bayreuth . The Beauty has many nice carvings a wooden Triggerguard with Brass Liner Single Trigger. The barrel was octagon in round Field to Field 15mm Groove to Groove 15,40mm the Barrel is Mirrow Shiny outstandig. But look at the Pictures!
Today i shoot it with a charge of 40grains Schweizer 3 a .550 Ball with 0.10 patch at 30 Meter it hits 30cm high and the Patch lies burning on the Ground!
Now i have question about Roundball Size Patch Size Powder Charge.
Also all about the Time of building the Gun!
Thank youView attachment 171669
This is a beautiful gun and a real antique! Could date from the mid 1700s to the early 1800s. As an antique, I would be very careful shooting and cleaning it. Many people would not shoot a gun that old in the interest of preserving and protecting it.


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Feb 9, 2005
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North Carolina
As far as dating, do you know when the builder was active? That may be your best bet...There is very little to go on as far as dating, over here, we suggest not using the lock to date because it may be a replacement...The lock on that gun could easily be very typical of what we see on American Long Rifles built in the 1770-1820 time frame...Before the Revolution most of the locks used here were imported from England or Germany...Good Luck, beautiful rifle...

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