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Oct 1, 2013
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I have been told there is to much back story to this, but seeing as I can use it in different time periods upto and including my personas death. Here we go.

My name is Nickadeamus Throckmorton. I was born, or so they told me, in Missouri somewheres aroumd 18 and 30. Ma and Pa where hard workin folk with a sense of honor born out of mountain clans in the blue ridge. Pa moved us down to Texas after them fellers was killt at the Alamo and started us to farmin a small lot about 40 miles outside of Linnville whilst he went and fought the mescins under old General Sam. Ma and Pa was killt in Linnville when that dern Buffler Hump made his Great raid in 1840.I was raised a few years by our neighbors untill I was 15.I was a might big for my and passed myself off as 17 and joined with the Rangers under Captain Hayes and trooped around chasing them red heathens and mescin bandits until we went to war against Mexico itself. I took a wound at Palo Alto and was furloughed from the ranger troop. I made my way by guiding wagon trains from Missouri to Texas and Nuevo Mexico until the War of Northern Aggression started up. I joined with Joe Shelby's Iron Brigade in 1861. We fought out the war, but by God we didnt surrender. We crossed the Rio Grande and fought under Maximillian untill the Mescins won. At that point I come back to Texas. When I heard that the yankee government had restored the authority of the Rangers, I joined up with Captain Mcnelly out side of Brownsville to help him clean out tbe Nueces strip. I died at the second battle of Palo Alto prairie, but by gum, I died with my hair and my boots on

Ft. Jefferson

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May 5, 2010
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Sure sounds good to me. That's the way it should be done. My character died at the hands of the Blackfoot in 1807 in modern day Montana. True story as well. Congrats, Followed by Buzzards

Loyalist Dave

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Nov 22, 2011
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People's Republic of Maryland
My name is Nickadeamus Throckmorton

Lord have mercy....

(John Wayne reacts to James Caan's character with the same phrase when he tells John Wayne his actual name is Alan Bourdillion Traherne in the movie El Dorado) :haha:


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