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WITHDRAWN Now, $100, Tobacco Bag #2

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Dec 11, 2020
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Pacific Northwest
For your consideration. Chrome tanned elk tobacco bag. Saddle stitched by hand with artificial sinew. Seed beads are size 11 - Cheyenne Green, Chalk White, Greasy Yellow, Purple, Cranberry, Blue & White Stripped, and Pony Trader Blue.
Beadwork is a combination of lazy stich and applique with waxed nylon beading thread. Bag size is 5-1/2” wide by 11” high.

Price $110 US Postal Money Order, price includes shipping.

Now $100, price includes shipping


  • Tobacco Bag 2-1.jpg
    Tobacco Bag 2-1.jpg
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    Tobacco Bag 2-2.jpg
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  • Tobacco Bag 2-4.jpg
    Tobacco Bag 2-4.jpg
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Jan 10, 2020
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If you made one of those with a buffalo on it, in mostly blue and white, I'd be a buyer.
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