SOLD Nice .62 English style flintlock fowler

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Jan 25, 2015
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Frederick Town, Virginia
I have a 20ga fowler for sale. I picked it up from Alex Efremenko about six years ago. The post he had up had this to say,
Stocked in maple, a scraped finish, stained with iron nitrate, brass trim. Lock and barrel left unfinished.
.62 caliber, octagon to round barrel, 46" long by Long Hammock, the barrel has been coned. Some stylish engraving on lock, buttplate, triggerguard, sideplate, and entry pipe. Chambers Colonial Virginia lock. Has a rear sight, the sight was moved forward and the old slot filled quite nicely but visible.
I will add the overall length is 62" and LOP is 13 3/4", weight is just about 8lbs. This is a svelte piece given length hangs and points like a dream would not part with it in better circumstances, plus it probably feels lonely and needs a partner who can take it out and put it to purpose.
Or if you want some kit to go with it, I have:
Eric Ewig shot pouch, hair on calf hide 8"x8", 44" strap, interior divider.
Powder horns and More Military Musket horn
Hoffman 6" blade English trade knife
And from TOTW; folding ladle, .62 bag mold, whisk and pick on chain, flint hammer tool, brass oil bottle, powder measures in 20 30 40 50 75 90 100 110 grain sizes
12pc French amber flints

PictureLink: Fowler - Google Drive
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