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Newbie BP Revolver question

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Jan 1, 2023
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Hello and an apology if this isnt the right place or its so ridiculously simplistic to be insulting...I'm looking at getting an 1858 Remington (likely Pietta) 5/5" or 8" 44 cal revolver with the thought of, eventually, purchasing a conversion cylinder. It was my thought to go with 45 colt cowboy load rounds but I spoke with a chap at his mainly BP related store and he indicated that one could easily load their own 45 brass rounds without needing a press.
So my questions are:
1) would the brass rounds use BP or smokeless powder?
2) how would one reload without a press? The chap referred to using paper in the process and
pointed to brass rounds with what appeared to have a paper ring between the bullet and case.
3) this is more related to using paper cartridges...I've watched a number of videos showing how to
make em but few seem to show how they are put into the cylinders....when they are inserted into
each chamber is the ramrod used to smunch them down or are they just left as they were put in?
Again...sorry if I'm in the wrong place.
Welcome, phew, complex questions.

So probably the first thing to know is that brass cartridge related stuff and discussions are not allowed per the site rules. Yes we veer off at times but basically those are called unmentionables here as are the things to change a BP revolver into an unmentionable using machine (grin)

On a theoretical level, you can use Black Powder in a case though smokeless is cleaner by far.

So if you want to get in depth into that area then a different forum would be where to go. The Firing Line has a BP forum section that is not restricted for instance.

Personally I do not know much about it, 45D aka Mike works the unmentionable side of the street (as well as fixing BP guns) so a PM to him might get you where you want to go.

A good way to get brass is to buy cowboy rounds loaded that in theory can be shot in the unmentionables.
Why not just purchase a .45 Remington New Model Army? Go directly to where you want to be. Same frame, has the loading lever and is designed to shoot .45 Colt ammo. Sorry posting this. Just trying to help out.
Not open for further replies.