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New Round Ball Bag

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Aug 10, 2021
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Johnston County, NC
Off work today so had a little time to make this for a friend in our club. Made from 8-9oz veg tan leather. Once completely wetted I used my air compressor to inflate it like a ballon and dry it in place at the same time. I carved the maple plug from some dried cuttings. Both were stained with Fiebings med brown leather dye. The Dogwood flower washers were made from left over antler tips. It’s rather large and holds 30 plus .50 cal round balls.



Thank you Bill for the compliment! I think the trick for me on the edges is to glue the seam edges with contact cement about an 1 4” inward all the way around and then sand them nice and flush on my belt sander and/or with Dremel little drum sander bit. I use a small edger, then burnish once the stain is applied. I have in no way perfected it but does give consistent results.
do you soak the leather in hot water to make it stiff and hold its shape?
I thoroughly wet it with warm water under the faucet. Then insert my air nozzle into it to inflate and dry it in place. At 120psi it does a great job expanding the wetted leather while drying it from the inside out. Here’s a much smaller ball bag being inflated/dried.