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May 14, 2023
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I just found this forum in 5, 2023. I have been a reenactor since about 1970. Been retired about 8 years now. I own a Zouave rifle/musket 58 cal., a Mississippi rifle/musket 58 cal. and have a built a 45 caliber Kentucky style flintlock rifle. I enjoy shooting these rifles. I have to travel to Scotland Pa. to find a "Black Powder rifle shop". This is a wee-bit frustrating. I hope the owner is still there when I go.


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Nov 23, 2003
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Upstate NY
Welcome from Upstate NY.

Yes. Traditional muzzleloading with flints and blackpowder is less appealing to retailers who want to sell you every new gimmick and not have the hassles of storing real blackpowder (as oppossed to smokeless powder, that is easier to store to federal regulations).