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Earl Lazlo

32 Cal
Mar 21, 2023
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Greetings from Michigan, .... New to muzzleloading / black powder shooting. I'm 65 retired and have owned firearms since i was ten.

Mainly for hunting large family lots of mouths to feed and self defense carry. But was never around anyone who owned or even spoke about flintlock or percussion cap.

Looking forward to my first muzzleloader deer hunt here in Michigan in 2023. Picked up a couple nice used Thompson Centers Arms .50 cal percussion Hawken rifles both from original owner.

One a 1975 Kit gun the other a 1996 and i learned this is a lot of fun! Definitely a learning curve when it comes to shooting accurately.

Right now I'm working up the right load for shots out to 100 yards and being in the vital zone.

I like the way how the brass and metal has aged on the older one


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