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My wife says I have issues ...

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The quartermaster never bats an eye anymore. She used to try and keep up with what I guns I bought. Now she has no idea haha. Last I inventoried she got very wide eyed when I told her the total. Hey, I gave up drag racing when we were pregnant with our first. Guns are MUCH cheaper. Sort of .
Interestingly, other than the tragic event of President Lincolns assassination, I only read about Deringers being concealable weapons, ladies "muff" guns, etc. I don't see them mentioned otherwise. So I am wondering if these really weren't a last ditch "in your belly", or "across the card table" type firearm. So historically, perhaps 5 feet or less for accuracy?
Like today, many times that a gun is used for self-defense the incident never gets reported. Sometimes, when the criminal element learns that their prey is armed that is the end of the confrontation.
I love the little guys also. I've got 3 1/2 currently. I build a presentation box out of wood cigar boxes and add all the accompanying needs and give them away as retirement gifts to friends. Was thinking about checkering the handle on one just for something different.
Hey, I gave up drag racing when we were pregnant with our first.

I know its off topic but I am old enough that I never figured out how a guy could be pregnant! My mom had 5 boys and my dad just stood around (grin).

Good on the new generation. Somehow they slipped that one into the vernacular and probably works until the launching then its - where is that guy who did this to me?, I need to mash his face.