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Discussion in 'Share Your Persona' started by trail raider, Sep 13, 2005.

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    trail raider

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    Sep 12, 2005
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    It seems kind of wild and out there but here goes. I was a Market hunter that turned up in Detroit that was befriended by a Frenchman and learned the land and area that I am hired by the Fort to run Messages between Detroit and Mackinaw and where ever else that they want me to go. Seeing my travels a far and wide I have picked up some nice items that aren't seen very much in Detroit(Rifle). On down time I hunt for hire and make a nice living doing that and have a small place of my own by the river. Thats it so far anyone have any ideas or comments? Let me know,this persona is far from being done. There is always room for improvement

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    I'm pretty new to this but it seems that you're well on your way. It appears you're developing a persona for where you live, which is what I've done. I'm trying to learn anything I can about my home area that happened around the time of my persona and if any of it can be incorporated into my persona I'll use it. That seems so obvious I'm sure you already thought of it. I don't believe any persona is ever finished. It has to evolve as we age and learn....kinda the same thing we do by living our lives. If you read mine and have any suggestions don't hesitate to let me know! Good luck!


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