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My pair of Pietta Midway Frankenbrassers

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Jul 24, 2018
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I picked up a pair of the $230 .44 Brassers from MidWay , they used the Dance & Bros cylinder and what looks like parts bin brass frames .


The actions are ok, lockup and timing are good, I need to clean the oil off.

The black grips are trash. They don't even fit, and flop around inside the grip frame.

I never planned to use these grips anyway, and may flip flop the woods from another pair of .36 brassers or fit the fake Pearl grips from the "get a grip on it" guy. It doesn't matter too much either way . The pearl grips might give them a cool and different look.

For the H/C nerds like me = The guns themselves are probably accidental repros of the "possible and probable " .44 prototypes that Schneider & Glassick made before deciding it was more profitable to stay with the .36's the CS Govt wanted

Nearly every Confederate contract revolver maker played around with a .44 but probably no more than 1 prototype to show the Govt, and the prototype(s) were probably then broken down and turned into .36's , and were lost to history.

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