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Paper magazines should have gone out with Hopalong Cassidy with the internet being up and running! I get enough trash mail as it is!
I do not subscribe to the the magazine (yet) but I will say this. I refuse to do so with a digital magazine. I'm a paper man that likes to read and mark in my books/magazines if I want. The internet is not always the best, and in many cases it is far from it.

Everybody to their own thang.
Mine are all up to date. And much prefer real glossy mags over pc or phone.
…we shoot 200 yo guns and somebody doesnt like actual magazines?
Yessir. I agree. I have grudgingly started reading some books online, mainly because I can read them on the iPad while in bed without having to turn on an overhead light and disturb the Lady of the House. Magazines also involve a lot more scrolling, and it gets tedious trying to read one online. Not to mention that online publications frequently seem to just disappear.

I also agree with the suggestion for binge-reading back issues of Muzzleloader while you wait. There have been some great articles published in this magazine over the years.

It’s too early for mail delivery yet today (Saturday the 27th), but as of yesterday, I had not received the March-April 2024 issue. From the posts on this thread, it looks like people are starting to get them. Maybe today…

Notchy Bob
muzzleloader magazine is one of the finest publications i have seen in years. heavy covers lend themselves to being placed with books in the library. this months got here several days ago.
overall the magazine is more like most other publication's annuals.
Not arrived yet.
Got mine a week ago. If I want to read to enjoy, I want the paper copy in my hands, myself. I save the copies, and go back to read articles I initially passed on.
I live in Indiana, get the magazine first of the month always. I subscribe to the backwoodsman magazine last October 2023. Just now got a magazine. I email them 3 times asking about not receiving the magazine, never heard back from them anytime.