Musket Nipples for EuroArms/Armisport P53 and Zoli Zouave

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Aug 5, 2021
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Hello friends,

I have a Zoli Zouave and a Euroarms/Armisport P53.
I do not have a nipple wrench, but am wonderingif anyone has recommendations for replacement nipples for these rifles before I go to finding a wrench?

Ideally I'd like to find a good nipple that fits both, & thus a wrench that works for either but I am not sure if they're interchangeable or not.

Any and all advice appreciated!
Apr 12, 2004
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Winchester, VA
The nipples have a 1/4" square shank but don't try an open end wrench on them. There isn't really enough room for the wrench and there's danger of marring the gun. If you have a 1/4" drive socket set slip the drive end over the nipple and insert the correct size Allen wrench in the nut end of the socket.

The older Italian guns were 8-1.25 metric and the newer ones are 5/16-24 (US). The threads are quite close and Bubba has found, with enough force, he can screw one into the other. Of course this usually screws up the threads in the bolster but he can move on to his next beer sooner. My guess is that the Zoli will be 8mm and the Euroarms will likely be 5/16", later production were. My suggestion; remove them and identify the threads before you buy any nipples. To answer your post; one wrench works with all musket nipples, nipples may interchange or not. I like bronze (Ampco) over stainless but buy good quality ones.

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