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Mowrey Ethan Allen

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45 Cal.
Jan 26, 2021
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I thought I'd share with anyone who cares my experience at the range yesterday. I bought this .50 caliber Mowrey Ethan Allen reproduction from another forum member a year ago (picture attached) and I've enjoyed shooting, but I only had .495 balls before. They were hard to load and I had to swab between shots. Yesterday I finally went to the range with .490 balls and shooting was much more enjoyable, although I have to do a new load workup.

This trip I started at 25 yards with a .15 pre-lubed cloverleaf patch and 40 grains Goex 2F. I've shown my shooting sequence on the attached homemade target that has a five-inch center ring and one-inch large grid. Shots 1-6 were not nearly as accurate as my previous one-inch groups with the .495. (The top hole was a damaged ball that I fired without a patch - still dangerous!) For shots 7-10 I used 45 grains with considerable improvement - about a 1.5-inch group. I realized at the range that I only had 10 patches with me so I need to go back to continue load development and move up to 50 yards in the process.

The previous owner also sent a Mowrey catalogue that I scanned and attached for anyone else who owns a Mowrey and might be interested. Notice the Indiana address on the cover. Someone with more knowledge of Mowrey's history can probably date the catalogue. I also don't know what the original owner paid only $82.50 for plus $1.65 shipping - any guesses?


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How do you clean your Mowery? The barrel can't easily be detached the way it could from rifles with a hooked breech.

I recently bought a steel framed Mowery Plains Rifle from a member. Haven't shot it yet. I'm impressed by the simplicity of design and nice finish -- and the wowzer striped maple stock.
I don’t remove the butt stock but I detach the front stock by driving out the pin in front. I wrap the wrist/boxlock with kitchen plastic wrap so I can flush the barrel, which I do carefully and from the breech to avoid getting the buttstock wet.

I agree - I love the stock and everything else about the looks!
I just saw something on this gun that I hadn't even noticed before - the barrel is engraved "Mowry" without the "e". That must make it worth thousands. :D
One way to find out if it is worth thousands.

I wanted one until I picked one up and the stock had way to much drop for me, was not worth $50 to me.
Fits me fine. This one I plan to keep. It’s too purdy to ever part with. Like my wife.
Although I imagine she wouldn’t have wanted being compared to a gun. 😬
No, you spelled it wrong IMHO, They have weak mainsprings and soft tumblers from information gathered on this forum.

They are very pretty and if it's working enjoy it. I also like the Dan wesson rifles that also have the same reputation.
Look at the catalogue that I attached - "Mowrey" is the spelling throughout.

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